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Why would an “ardent 60’s feminist” and the architect of the greatest romantic patriarchy, choose each other?


Mario Puzo


Bestselling author Mario Puzo is beloved to millions of fans worldwide for his iconic, bestselling novel The Godfather, the sweeping saga of the Corleone family, and the epic Academy Award-winning movies based on the screenplays written with Francis Ford Coppola.


Carol Gino


Bestselling author, Carol Gino, RN, MA, was one of the first to reveal the truth about the healthcare system and what happens behind the closed doors of hospitals, from her first-hand perspective as a nurse for over 30 years. In her blockbuster expose about the healthcare industry (masked as a story), The Nurses Story unleashed a Pandora's Box and exposed the heart as well as the darkest indignities that Nurses and patients have lived with for centuries.

Find out what “The Godfather” author Mario Puzo taught Carol about love, power and the art of storytelling, and what she taught him about women, life and death...

“An impressively forthcoming reminiscence full of creative insight. Much of the remembrance recounts captivating conversations between the author and Puzo, which provide an extraordinarily candid look at the man and his work."​


“I adored Mario Puzo and know why he adored Carol Gino. If you want to know what love is, read this and weep.”​



“These two unique souls make a union like no other. . . . It should be hard to capture this dynamic on the page...except Carol does it here so effortlessly. I knew both as writers but never knew what a love story they lived together. Until now.”​


Literary Agent

“Carol Gino, the other half of the Mario and Carol duo, has written a luminous portrait of the enchantment that happens when two people love deeply, work together on all levels and co-create wonders of living and invention.”​


Author of The Wizard of Us

"Gino delivers a readable, intimate look at an important figure in 20th century popular culture. Puzo fans will appreciate this book, as will anyone interested in how two strong personalities can flourish together."​


"Dialogue carries much of the narrative and is continually interesting and revealing. Puzo is recalled discussing how he bluffed his way to a big payday for screenwriting. Lively conversations are reproduced with revealing disclosures, including about the underlying motivations behind some of Puzo’s most memorable creations . . . Puzo’s many tips on writing punctuate the couple’s time together."​


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